Digital or Film?

In the mid 1980’s I worked in television when the first video cameras for news gathering came in. Point and shoot mode digital nearly always works, a fact which kind of detracts from the pride of craftsmanship film photographers like to experience. In news photography an instant results is definitely a good thing. I was one of the first news photographers in London to own a digital stills camera which I married to sending pictures all round on a multiple address email, a masterstroke which took a surprisingly long time for the other photographers to pick-up on.

Now I have gone back to film for my own pictures because I like working with actual materials and I believe that the craft of handling real materials produces photographs which feel their own personality rather than being electronic clones. Also I feel a link to the photographers who have made photography what it is, the great masters whose work I have admired all my life. The next generation will be dominated by people who want the camera to be just an eye for their computer… not a bad way of working but it is a different experience. There will still be photographers who will make pictures that tell their story, and for print or web publication digital is the obvious choice.

I have had success in making news photographs, not a brilliant career but enough to know the taste of seeing my byline in the national press. Now I want to earn success making photographs which draw on my life experiences and my love of traditional film photography.

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