Kitchen Process

Working from home does has limitations. This morning I’ve processed three rolls of film and it has taken forever. My darkroom doubles as a studio area and is not plumbed in or permanently dark, so everything is a bit makeshift. Having worked in some beautiful process and print areas slumming it at home makes me grumpy as I worry about dust (loading film in the coat cupboard – drying it in the downstairs WC), drying marks, temperature control and reticulation, not poisoning my family by spilling chemicals onto the food prep areas.

So when recently I have had some faults in the films I have processed  I don’t know if this is the arty ADOX film I have been trailing or foreign bodies getting in from my makeshift working practices. Today I am using the formula which a couple of decades ago was literally everyday for me.. Kodak Tri-X film developed in D76. They are still hung up with a big notice on the WC door saying ‘KEEP OUT’.


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