All About Me

Hi, I am Nigel Barklie, I am a photographer living near Oxford in the UK.

The pictures I make are usually still life or portrait. I like to use film, particularly b&w, and to make pictures using alternative photography. I have been experimenting with old cameras, pin-hole cameras, Diana cameras and in the darkroom with lithprinting. Current work has edged back to straight forward black and white film photography because it connects so directly with the subject. I am also returning to editorial work with hope and optimism!

Once upon a time I worked as a regularly published news photographer. Now I work pretty much full time on the Daily Mail night picture desk in London – connecting photographs to stories and looking for tomorrows pictures.

With my own personal photography I think about my religion, memories from my past, or simply things that I find beautiful. With each new work I seek to make a picture which connects with another person.

Me walking near my Oxfordshire home

Making and sharing pictures.