Exhibit: Instant Jesus 005

c0-REF-covered christ.jpgc3-REF_my face.jpgc44-REF-veiled rose.jpgc49-REF-two trees.jpgc50-REF_instant_jesus_005.jpgc54-REF-five roses.jpgc57-REF_crucifix.jpgc59-REF-thou shalt not.jpgc68-REF-nine tall trees.jpgc7-REF-instant_jesus_008.jpgc80-REF-parents.jpgc82-REF-utility_001.jpgc84-REF-dying rose.jpgc89-REF-first rose.jpgREF-Laurens face.jpgREF-Molly-Dees hand.jpg

I have shown this selection of lithprints in solo shows during East London Photomonth and also in Oxford.

Chicchi Cafe Gallery, East London – Oct 2011

Churchill Hospital, Oxford – Aug 2011

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford – Jan 2011

Jam Factory, Oxford – July 2010

These pictures are my re-connection with my love of B&W printing and also the learning of a new skill, lithprinting. The images play with still life for its own sake and my need to consume religion. The collection of work was made as a starting point, a return almost to childhood certainly to before the time when I was trained to use photography as a commodity.